Assisted Living Costs

We all want to age in place over Assisted Living. However, the cost of finding a caregiver full-time is daunting, to say the least. We put together a simple break-even comparison that looks at the average care cost for a caregiver in your home and when it is more cost beneficial to move to an…

Assisted Living Consultant

In-home caregiver versus Assisted Living Costs

Understanding all of your care and assisted living options can be overwhelming and difficult. Make an informed choice by working with a local expert. David will listen and help you set up tours to the care home that makes the most sense for your family.

memory Care in San Luis Obispo County

Wandering with Alzheimer’s

Does your Loved One Wander Off? The Alzheimer’s Association says that 60 percent of people with dementia will wander.   Anyone in the beginning stages of dementia is a candidate for wandering. Of course, wander may result in confusion, panic, and falls, leading to serious injuries. Here are some early warning signs your loved ones…

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