The busiest time of year for all caregiving agencies is right after the holidays! Why? Family members typically see their parents after a large gap in time and have noticed things are getting more challenging for them. Typically this is an excellent time to start with an in-home caregiver or start to research Senior Living Options.

Here are some red flags to observe during the holidays:

  • Forgetfulness – are your parents struggling to remember things that have happened in the last couple of years?
  • Decision-making – beginning signs of Dementia often leave seniors vulnerable to telephone fraud and aggressive salespeople.
  • Falls – look for bruises and ask about recent falls.
  • Isolation: This past year, we have seen increased stress and seniors’ effect on the lockdown orders. Most groups, churches, and senior centers have shut down. You should have a lot of contact with your loved ones as these challenges continue into 2021.
  • Lack of supplies: Make sure you hit the store for your loved ones and get the necessities. Maybe take inventory and take them to Costco!
  • Won’t shower – Common warning sign of Dementia is to stop taking showers.  
  • Lack of Grooming – Noticing a significant change in hair, makeup, unwashed clothes is an easy way to see they need help.
  • Stack of Bills: Unpaid stacks of bills and phone calls from collectors are usually signs of cognitive loss. 
  • Dent in Car: Would you have your child drive with them? If the answer is no, it may be time to hang up the keys.

If you observe some of these red flags during your visit in December call me to find out about your local in home care options or the local care communities and Assisted Living in San Luis Obispo County. 

Happy Holidays,