Veterans benefits to help pay for care

VA Aid and Attendance (A&A) has pension benefits for veterans who have served their country during times of conflict.

Many families find out about Aid and Attendance and are a little frustrated by the application process. Some people mistakenly think the program is only for combat veterans. Others don’t realize their loved one served during a qualifying time of war because the VA definition of wartimes extends beyond the dates of conflict.

There are some qualifying requirements, but the VA doesn’t include the value of your home, car or personal effects when it reviews assets and income for eligibility.

Are Aid and Attendance benefits worth the effort to apply?

Yes, As of December 2018 a single veteran who qualifies for A&A can receive up to $1,881 per month, a married vet can receive up to $2,230 per month, and a surviving spouse can receive up to $1,209 per month to pay for needed care at home, in an assisted living community or in a nursing home.

For many families paying for senior care this income can make the difference between comfort and hardship.

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