Residential Care Home (aka Board & Care)

[dt_vc_list]Residential Care Homes often referred to as Board & Care Homes, are a great alternative for seniors who prefer a house setting and do not feel comfortable living in the larger Assisted Living Communities. Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE), are usually private homes located in residential neighborhoods, offering a more personalized care. These homes are licensed by the state and come in many different shapes and sizes and locations.

Residential Care Facilities are similar to Assisted Living Communities, but commonly have 4 to 6 residents. Families have the comfort of knowing that the Residential Care Home provides the following services to their loved one:

  • Medication Management
  • Meals
  • Dressing
  • Safety for Ambulation
  • Grooming & Bathing

Residential Care Homes appeal to families who want the peace of mind knowing there is a caregiver available to help their loved one 24 hours a day. Another big advantage is the social interaction. When living in one of these homes their loved one will create new meaningful relationships, which does not happen if they live alone.

There are hundreds of these types of facilities in our community and it can be overwhelming to try to choose one on your own. The quality of homes and the care provided can vary greatly. At My senior navigator, we make this our business. We are a local service, so we have knowledge of each home in the area. We use this knowledge and take time to meet with you and your loved one in order to match your preferences, restrictions and care needs to help you choose the right fit.

Our referral services are always FREE for families, so please call us today at 805-748-2614 and let us save you time and stress.[/dt_vc_list]

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