The decision to downsize is a big one for your senior. She might have been thinking about this for a long time, but there’s a lot more involved than just moving. The time might have come for your senior to consider moving into some sort of senior living community and that can be intimidating. There are a lot of choices.

Your Senior Might Be Spending Too Much Time Alone

If your elderly family member is spending a lot more time alone than she really should, that is a problem. Isolation is a big issue for older adults. It can lead to depression and to other physical problems that hinder her quality of life. In order to avoid that type of health risk, your senior might be considering a senior living experience that enables her to interact with more people every day.

Home Maintenance Is Becoming a Bigger Problem

Home maintenance is a massive consideration. When your elderly family member was younger, she might have had no trouble keeping up with lawn maintenance, household chores, and all of the random tasks that pile up, like repairs. But as she ages, that can take more and more of a toll on her, leading her to put off or even just ignore some of those issues. That can be a big concern.

She Needs a Little More Help Personally

There are also those personal care tasks, like bathing and dressing, that can become more difficult for your elderly family member. These tasks might be embarrassing ones for her to ask for your help with, so she might be trying to figure things out on her own. In an assisted living situation, your senior has help on-site that is experienced and dedicated.

She Wants to Be as Independent as Possible

Believe it or not, even if your senior needs more help, living in a senior living community can still help her to be as independent as she wants to be. With staff on-site who can help her whenever she needs it, your elderly family member is able to exercise independence regularly without endangering herself at the same time. She won’t have to worry about any of the tasks that wear her out since those are handled for her.

We Make it Easier

Working with My Senior Navigator can help your senior to find the exact living situation that is best for her needs both now and in the immediate future. They can help her to explore all of her options and narrow down her choices to the best ones for her.

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