If your elderly family member is at the point where she’s investigating new options for her living situation, you might have run across something called independent senior living communities. These types of communities can offer amazing services and benefits to your aging adult.

Your Senior Is Maintaining ADLs on Her Own

ADLs, or activities of daily living, are just what they sound like. They’re activities like eating, bathing, and grooming that all have to happen to keep your senior healthy and happy. If your elderly family member is maintaining all of these tasks on her own, then independent senior living might be a really good choice for her. With help handling housekeeping and usually other tasks, like meals, your elderly family member may be able to take care of activities of daily living for a lot longer in this type of living situation.

Your Senior Plans to Stay Active and Engaged

Another key factor with independent senior living communities is that they offer a wide range of activities and your elderly family member can be as involved as she wants to be. There might be exercise groups, book clubs, classes, craft sessions, and so much more for your senior to choose from. These are a great way for her to stay engaged, stay active, and meet people in her new community who share her interests.

Retrofitting Her Home Might Be Too Complicated

Some homes need a lot of work in order to be safe for your senior’s changing needs. That might mean changing out flooring or adding handrails to various spots in the house. Or, if stairs are becoming a problem, you may be trying to find a solution for that. Independent living communities are built with the safety of seniors in mind. The changes you might be considering making might be a great deal less cost-effective than moving might be.

She Wants Options for the Future

While your senior’s situation now is stable and she’s active, that doesn’t mean that will be the case a few years from now. One big reason that many aging adults choose independent senior living facilities now is that they offer options down the road. Your elderly family member may gradually need a lot more help, and having scalable service options means that she can take advantage of those services as she needs them.

Talk to your elderly family member about what she wants from life now and in the near future. It might just be that an independent living community is the answer for her.

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